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2013-11-03 06:10 pm

The Love Lessons of Loki (Norse mythology genderswap m/f erotica)

The Love Lessons of Loki (Norse mythology genderswap f/f erotica)

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The lords of Asgard think Loki a faithless lover for his countless trysts with lads and maidens across the Nine Realms. But his wife Sigyn has a secret: only she knows what it is to have Loki’s full attention. When he comes to her bed, Loki bends reality, form, and gender itself for his lady’s private delight.

This 6000+ word story for mature readers only contains mythological gods engaging in shape-changing, gender-shifting, bisexuality and mischievous magical sex.
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2013-10-05 06:11 pm
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Here we go...

Sexy lady in leather with an actual bat for a mask.

I think this sums up my writing very nicely. ;)